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"Tim's craftsmanhip on my archtop is just breathtaking. Not only aesthetically beautiful, but the playability and tone are just like magic. I'll enjoy this instrument for years to come."

Brent Mason

Nashville Guitar Legend

Musician's Hall of Fame Inductee


"Tim Bram creates guitars for both the professional musician and the collector alike. Upon first glance, the physical beauty and craftsmanhip are apparent. It is only upon playing the instrument that the true beauty is revealed. There is a layer of both electric and acoustic quality present in every note. The fretboard is balanced and responsive across all the strings. There is a beautifully balanced mid-range that compliments both the high and low register. Played with a pick or just fingers, Tim's guitars offer a world of color and sound to the player. "

Tom Lagana


"Tim Bram's guitars are unique and visionary. He takes the shape that I love (the Amercian Telecaster) and crafts a beautiful handcarved archtop. The craftsmanship, woodworking and designs are rather remarkable. A joy to play and a beauty to behold."

Tim Lerch

"Tim Bram crafts incredible sounding guitars, each with a strong voice with a right amount of acoustic ring and sustain. They are exceptionally playable and his custom designs are beautiful. Tim's attention to detail is flawless."

Mark Papagno

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