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Brent Mason / Working Man Blues

Player & Owner: Brent Mason

Guitar: TB Brent Mason Signature Tribute Archtop

Customizations: ebony finger rest and hand-wound Kent Armstrong pickup with Brent Mason Signature Ebony Tailpiece

Player & Owner: T. Lerch

Guitar: Tim Lerch Custom Tribute Archtop

Player: Tom Lagana

Owner: Tom Lagana

Guitar: Mahogany Tribute Archtop

Customizations: 25 inch scale, hand wound Kent Armstrong pickup

Player: Tom Lagana

Guitar: KB II Model

Customizations: K&K piezo pickup under the bridge

Player: Tom Lagana

Guitar: Red Tribute Archtop

Customizations: hand-wound Kent Armstrong pickup

Player: B. Kolakowski

Owner: A. Shaffer

Guitar: TB Peruvian Walnut Tribute Archtop

Customizations: custom dual blade suspended humbucker made by P. Biltoft

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